Temperature Limits

A possible sudden drop in voltage can limit the flow of the magnetic circuit, which can result in a significant reduction of losses in the iron as well as the current in a vacuum. However, the motor torque must exceed the strength torque, so that it is capable of impeding the slip lift. As the motor torque results from the process between the flow and the intensity of the absorbed current, if the flux decreases, the current intensity automatically increases. With the load current raised by the voltage drop, the motor will heat up, thereby increasing the losses.

In this way, the maximum temperature limitation that can be supported by the insulation components of the motor must be calculated for its effective operation in a location which contains an average temperature of approximately 40 ° C. Therefore, it is extremely important that the operator responsible for the maintenance, performs the proper control of the ambient temperature, in order to ensure that it does not exceed the determined values ​​for which the engine was manufactured. Some measures should be taken regarding voltage variations. In this way, the thermal equilibrium of a motor is consequently modified according to the variation of the supply voltage. https://www.mrosupply.com/motors/ac-motors/general-purpose-motors/26618_cm3538_baldor/