Direct Drive Motor

A direct drive electric motor is a direct drive motor, ie it does not require fastening elements, energy transformers such as pulleys, pulleys, racks and screws. This feature ensures that the engine gets smaller, thus taking less space.

Alternate correne motors of permanent magnets – Direct Drive have 80% efficiency, excellent controllability, are synchronous, do not need reducing gears, and are quiet. For example: an electronic washer with Direct Drive motor has a noise ratio of 53 dB and in the centrifugal function the noise level does not change, meaning the noise is almost zero.

The Direct Drive motor has a unique feature that is the durability of the components, because it does not need pulleys and chains, components that are consumed more frequently, so the engine lasts longer, without maintenance.

Direct Drive engines have high initial costs, which can be 30 to 400% higher than the cost of conventional systems, but after 5 years of life, conventional systems can cost more, being 3 to 10 times higher than Direct Drives cause of maintenance and service life.