Electric motor can run on an automotive battery

A very common doubt for those who have electric motor is whether the automotive battery can be used to power the electric motor and the answer to that doubt is: yes, the automotive battery can power the electric motor.

However, because the battery is not suitable for this purpose, its useful life will suffer a considerable reduction and, still, it will be necessary to take another battery so that the lack of energy does not disturb the day of fishing.

For the electric motor it is possible to use two batteries that have the same amperage, however they have different applications that are: automotive and deep cycle and the second is that will allow the electric motor to run longer.

Twenty years ago, there was only an electric motor for fresh water, but already in the 90’s, the marinized models began to emerge and they started to be used in salt water, because it has special paint, its wiring is made with copper, the connections Are protected from possible infiltrations, the plates are sealed and other features that ensure a long life to the marinized electric motor. https://www.mrosupply.com/hydraulics-and-pneumatics/hose-reels/2516544_p-lp-350_coxreels/