Electric Motors in Aggressive Environments

Environments considered aggressive, such as port facilities, fish industry and multiple marine applications, shipyards, chemical and petrochemical industries, among others, require that the equipment used in these places be rigidly adequate to bear such circumstances with reliability, without presenting problems of any kind.

For application of electric motors in these hostile locations, specific types of motors are required, manufactured to meet special requirements to deal with harsh and adverse conditions that may be encountered. These motors may have specific features such as double-impregnated winding, alkyd anti-corrosion paint, zinc-plated mounting elements, seal for shaft-to-cap application and additional protection between through joints.

For environments with low or very high temperatures it is recommended to use an anticorrosive paint. In the case of marine engines, the specific operating characteristics depend on the type of load and on-board weight.

In order to verify that the motors may or may not work in these aggressive locations, the approximate size and quantity of the fibers contained in this environment must be reported. If a large amount of dust gets on important parts of the motor, it can act as a thermal insulation, and larger fibers can also cause obstruction of the ventilation, damaging the cooling system. https://www.mrosupply.com/motors/ac-motors/baggage-handling-motors/699220_bm3546t-s_baldor/