Electromechanics consists basically in the field of science and technology, where the analysis, design, development, production and maintenance of devices that integrate electrical and mechanical components in its mechanism are carried out.

Examples of electromechanical devices include electric motors for appliances such as fans, refrigerators, washing machines and hair dryers, for example. All of these electrical devices have as main function to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy.

Considering the fact that all electromechanical elements integrate with components known as electrical and components known as mechanics, it does not mean that electrical and mechanical devices can keep physically separate and act independently of others.

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In this way, the energy is received or generated by the components, changing according to their nature and application of a specific equipment. The electromechanical energy conversion factor can also provide storage, as well as the transfer of electric energy.

The main mission of electromechanical engineering is the analysis of the principles of electromechanical energy conversion and the development of models for the components of electromechanical systems.