The Efficiency of Brushless Motors

In terms of efficiency Brushless motors always work in optimized performance conditions and because they do not have to generate the magnetic field of the rotor, they have a higher efficiency. In this type of permanent magnet motors that are positioned in the rotor, and are made with special materials, they allow to have an extremely precise control of the speed and the acceleration.

With lower costs of electronic control systems, produced by economies of scale, it became prominent of greater convenience and consequent extension of the use of motors, even without brushes for the operation of two-wheeled vehicles, motorcycles and power-driven vehicles Power.

The main disadvantage of this type of electric motor is the high cost. Unlike brushed motors, verification is performed electronically by a controller, an electronic device provided by the motor manufacturer or by a third party, so the cost of the motor must be added to the cost of the control system. For motors with brushes the “control” is performed by a rheostat, not very efficient but extremely cheap system. rab landscape fixtures